Find Your Perfect Dock.

Frei WET offers a wide variety of dock products that will enhance your waterfront property. Below, tell us about your shoreline (water depth) and your watercraft so that we can help you find the perfect match.

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Docks Galore!

With a strong aluminum frame and a variety of decking options, we are sure to find you the best dock for your needs. For our rolling dock customers, note that our wheels are high density polyurethane (so you never have to worry about a flat tire underwater!).

We sell and service a variety of dock types and brands.

Dock Types
  • Rolling
  • Floating
  • Sectionals
Dock Brands
  • Feighner
  • Shoreline Industries
  • Hewitt
find the perfect dock

Need A Lift?

If your waterfront has issues with high winds, high waves, and brackish water a lift is the best way to protect your watercraft. From your personal watercraft to your pontoon boat, we have a lift that will work for you.

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find the perfect dock